Eiffel Tower

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Eiffel Tower History

Eiffel Tower History starts in 1887. Paris was invaded by Prussian in 1870 after the conflict between France and Prussia also called North German Confederation. When the Prussians left Paris, the economy was collapsed, people were ruined. The French started to think about how they boost the economy, create jobs for people.

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Why not organizing a world fair?

The world fair was again organized in 1889 after the success of the earlier exposition held in Paris for french manufacturing products. Many people from all over the world came to visit the world fair actually Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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Why Eiffel Tower was built?

The Eiffel Tower was inaugurated in 1889 for the occasion of the Universal exposition. As we have mentioned above, France was occupied for some time in 1870. The invasion was a great humiliation for the French people. The world fair was a great moment to get rid of that embarrassment and to demonstrate the greatness of France to the visitors, to the politicians etc... The competition was launched to decide which project would be carried out.

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The Construction of the Eiffel Tower

107 projects were in competition. The winner was the project of Gustave Eiffel Company: Gustave Eiffel, contractor, Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nouguier, engineers, and Stephen Sauvestre, architect.

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